Help ! Compaq QVision 1024 / 1280 rsp.

Help ! Compaq QVision 1024 / 1280 rsp.

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I'm trying to install the Caldera Network Desktop Preview II onto a
Compaq Deskpro 560 XE. Preview I did work under X using a cpqavga
chip set, though it wasn't the one Compaq uses for the QVision cards.
Nevertheless it did work ...
The setup procedure allows to run it under X and it does work, though
it doesn't recognize the chip set and tke amount og video ram correctly ...

After installing the CND successfully (at the first view) I didn't have luck
to configure X ... though I used the same settings as at setup ... and SuperProbe
told me the model and the amount of video ram correctly ...

Any recommendations ?

ThanX in advance ...

~8-(: tac

Thomas Ackermann
DeTeBau Berlin



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I'm having trouble getting X to run on my Compaq machine.
I have a Compaq DeskPro 590 with a sound card and CDROM drive.
The video chipset (onboard) is a QVision 1280/P (1M)
I'm working off of the latest RedHat distribution.

Everything I tried so far doesn't seem to work.
Using the cpq_avga chipset option crashes the video card
The generic vga16 server doesn't even work (gives half of a screwed up screen
and then crashes).
Probing seems to get only a portion of the clocks available.

Any help, suggestions, or previous experience would be greatly appreciated :)


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