Xfree86 questions

Xfree86 questions

Post by Herman K. La » Sat, 13 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I've got some questions:

1) On a Diamond Stealth VRAM ISA machine, under X the mouse jumps
around when I move it for no reason.  It doesn't do that under MS-Win.
What can I do about it/what can I look for?

2) Does anyone know if there ever will be ET4000/W32 16bpp support?
What about 1 bpp support?  The Mono server doesn't support the
1280x1024 resolution I want (or does the beta support it?).

3) If MetroX doesn't have accelerated Millenium support, does the
Accel X that comes with Caldera have it?

Herman Lau


1. XFree86 question

Hi All:
I use RH7.1 on a stand-alone i386.
I recenlty upgraded to XFree86 4.1.0 using tar files from XFree site
and their install routine.

Now everytime I start rpm to install a new software that needs XFree I
get failed dependencies for files that are already on the system.  So, I
re-run the rpm using --nodeps parameter and all is well.

Q: Is there a way to cure this problem once and for all?
BTW: the path to XFree files is in the ld.so.conf file.

Thanks for any help.


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