I can't config Ati Mach 64 mounted on Advanced/AS m.b.

I can't config Ati Mach 64 mounted on Advanced/AS m.b.

Post by Stefa » Sun, 19 Jan 1997 04:00:00


I have a Atlantis mother board by Intel. In this video card is mounted
a Ati Mach 64 but i can't configure this.
Please send-me XF86Config file or document abuot card.
I have mounted linux kernel 2.0 and XF86Free 3.1.2



1. ATI Mach 64 - Please help me....Thank you in advance !!!

Hello Everyone,
          I have a problem installing X with my ATI Mach64, I tried
several options but I keep losing the screen when I try to run it.
Sometimes it gives me a message that I need 2Megs on my card. Does
anyone know if this problem is more related to my Video Card or my
Monitor perhaps....I would love to get X running ! Any Help would be
appreciated. The base system runs just fine.

Thanks a million !!!


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