Does WD 9710 (Paradise Pipeline 64) work OK with X ?

Does WD 9710 (Paradise Pipeline 64) work OK with X ?

Post by Sibel and Ilker Tar » Mon, 26 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I found a Paradise Pipeline 64 2MB EDO RAM for a very low price, before
i buy it my concern is the X support for WD 9710. I looked at the
documents in XFree86 site, but there is no mention of it.

Has anyone set up X server for this card. If so, could you tell me about
your setup experience and performance of the card. better yet, if you
could post the server section of config, i would really appreciate it.




1. X on a Paradise Pipeline 64 WD 9710

at work we have a machine with a video card:

Paradise Pipeline 64  WD9710 (Western Digital)

it almost works with X SVGA(the one that comes with redhat 5.2),
chipset pvga1, Modeline and Clocks from config files for other
paradise cards (it starts a 640x480 screen that is twice as wide as it
should (just a half is displayed).

how can I find the right Clocks and Modelines to make it work with a
better resolution?

the machine has win95 too, is there any way to get the information I
need from windows?


raul segura

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