dcopserver of KDE not starting with ICE error

dcopserver of KDE not starting with ICE error

Post by Marze » Wed, 16 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Could someone explain why this might be happening?

I had no problems compiling KDE I just get an error while starting
kdeinit. dcopserver (and ksmserver) complaining :

"error in loading shared libraries: dcopserver: undefined symbol :

I was guessing that I missed a header...

Please help.




1. dcopserver; can't start kde


Was trying to install kde-2.1.1 and evidently trampled some stuff.
Kde-2.1.1 is not installed and I've tried to backpedal out of a couple of
files that got installed in my abortive attempts. I'm running Mandrake 7.2
going the way of the RPM.

Now when I try to start a KDE session, I get an error about dcopserver not
running and of course the desktop is not functional. (Just running
dcopserver in the background doesn't fix this.)

I would like either to get back to kde-1.9.17 or move forward to

Help would be appreciated.


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