Post by Taehyung Par » Mon, 14 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I want to know how can I install olvwm 4.0 on my linux system.
Mine is Slakware 3.0 and kernel is 2.0. When I tried to install
olvwm 4.0, I had a several errors. One error is that I dont have
"libolgx.a" in my system. Also, I dont know how can I install
xview 3.2 that has libolgx.a. Is there simple way to install
olvwm4.0 on Linux 2.0?



I want ot install olvwm4.0 window manager on Linux kernel 2.0.
I have Slakware 3.0 and when I tried to install olvwm, I had
many error messages. I think the Makefile.sunpro that is inside the
package didnt work. One of problems is I dont have libolgx.a in my
system. How can I have correct libraries to install olvwm4.0.
I know that if I install xview3.2 correctly and if I change Makefile
appropriately, then I can install olvwm4.0, but I dont know about
xview and Makefile. Please send me e-mail if there is a solution.

Taehyung Park

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