Failed to initialize core devices?????? Help

Failed to initialize core devices?????? Help

Post by RHS Linux Us » Wed, 18 Mar 1998 04:00:00

 I run RH Linux 4.0 with kernel 2.0.33.  I just upgraded to 2.0.33 from the factory installed 2.0.30 that came with the package.  After the upgrade, I start Xwindows and get nothing but a blank screen.  I have no choice but to reboot after that.  

After the kernel upgrade, I don't have any mouse support for some reason.  During boot, I get a message when the kernel runs the gpm daemon saying that /dev/mouse is not found, but everything else still runs.  When I do a startx, I get a blank screen.  I checked the /var/log/Xerrors and it shows that /dev/mouse wasn't found, and then below that, an error message is found that says "failed to initialize core devices."  Could it be that I get a blank screen solely because there is no mouse support, or is the
re a larger problem at hand?  I have run configX to see if the config is right--its still the same after the kernel upgrade.  What's the deal?  



1. RedHat 5.2: Burned bootable ISO image for Setup boots, but fails to initialize cd - HELP!

Hi all:

I'm having no luck with redhat 5.2. Below are the install methods I've
tried. If you can help me with *any* of the methods I'd appreciate it.

SUMMARY: RedHat Linux 5.2, i386 subtree downloaded via ftp, built iso
image with mkisofs (win32 port), then burned to cd with Easy CD
Creator 3.5a.

Scenario 1: Boot from cd / Load from cd

I downloaded the entire i386 structure off of a redhat mirror (skipped
all the symbolic links) and placed it all on my hard drive. Then using
a win32 port of mkisofs, built a bootable iso image with the following
command line:

mkisofs -a -b images/boot.img -c images/boot.catalog -r -V REDHAT52
-o f:/temp/rh.iso .

Then I used Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3.5a to open the iso file and burn
it to cd. All went well.

The cd boots great. When I hit <Enter> at the boot: prompt, the
install proceeds through the first few screens. When I get to the
screen that asks what my source type will be, I select "Local CDROM".
I am then asked to insert the cd into the drive. It's already in the
drive (it's the cd I just booted off of), so I just hit OK.

Then I get "Initializing cd", then the message disappears, I can see
and hear the cd spin-up in the drive, but nothing else happens. The
cursor just sits flashing at the lower left of the blue screen.
Eventually the cd spins down, and the system is basically hung.
Actually I can type at the cursor, but, that doesn't do me any good.

FWIT, I've also tried creating the ISO image by adding the -J and -T
switches (Joliet support, and translation tables, respecitively) but
that renders the cd unbootable on my system.

Scenario 2: Boot from floppy / Load from cd

Same cd as in Scenario 1. Rather than boot off the cd-rom though, I
boot with the created floppy, then tell the install to run off the
burned cdrom. This time, when the "initializing cd" message appears, I
get something like "failed to mount cd; invalid argument".

[Which reminds me: Is there a way to either pause or output the boot
info to a file for later perusal? I'm referring to the screenful of
text that appears after one passes the boot: prompt.]

Scenario 3: Boot from floppy / Load from hard drive

I've given up on trying to load from the cd. So I try to just run with
the source files on my c: drive (FAT). After booting with the boot and
supp disks, I specify the path to the source files, and get a message
something like "failed to open files". Sorry, I should have written
that one down. Note that if I specify a different source path, I get a
completely different message (something like "does not appear to
contain a valid RedHat directory"). I've experimented with different
directory names for the root dir, but no change.

I suspect the prob here may be that all the filenames are truncated
under dos, although I understood that the redhat installer didn't care
about the filenames of the rpms.

Big thanks to anyone who wants to take a stab at this.

-Pete Dickson

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