Font problem with Midnight Commander

Font problem with Midnight Commander

Post by Jonathan Markevi » Fri, 26 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I have slowly become *ed to Midnight commander, and really miss
being able to use it in an xterm window;  The reason I CAN'T use it is
that the fonts show up as "high ascii" characters or all get messed up...
is there some trick to this?  joe works splendidly in the same window,
and I have tried piles of different fonts.

Alternatively, is there a good X equivalent that allows editing and
viewing as well as directory exploration?

        Jonathan Markevich


1. mc (midnight commander) with iso-8x16 font (syscons)?


      I'm running FreeBSD-2.1.5 with syscons and the cp850-8x16 font, but I
   want to  change to the iso-8x16  font.

      The  problem  is that after   changing the font  per  vidcontrol, the
   ascii-graphics-line    characters   are  displayed as    characters like
   Adiaresis,  etc.  and the fine   lockout  of the  midnight commander  is
   broken.  How can I tell mc to use iso ascii-graphics characters (do they
   exist?, I think  they  do cause mc is   running fine in  xterm  with iso


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