Help: Internet keys on my keyboard

Help: Internet keys on my keyboard

Post by James Turne » Sun, 24 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Okay, I just bought one of those nifty keyboards that has the extra
keys for web surfing.  I didn't buy it for cutesy shortcuts in Windows
though -- I got it to reprogram the holy heck out of it in Linux, and
get some useful extra keys on the keyboard.  It's a Logitech Internet
Keyboard with about 17 extra keys on it.

I'm having trouble, though, getting X to recognize it.  On a text
console, I can run "showkey -s" and see that the extra keys do in fact
submit keycodes -- they are prefixed with 0xe0.  In a console, I can

setkeycodes e010 89
setkeycodes e022 90

And get the keys remapped somewhat.  Then I can edit the output
produced by dumpkeys, loadkey it, and get some functionality.
However, it doesn't extend to X.  Ideally, I would like for the 17
keys to generate key combinations not produced by the rest of the
board, and assign them to functions via xmodmap.  Sadly though, xev
doesn't produce any even when they are pressed, and xmodmap ignores
them.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the keys functioning?
I'd like to map them to F100 through F117 if possible.  Any
suggestions?  Searching dejanews has resulted in basically nothing, so
basically I have no recourse left but to post.





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I've tried the keys under Win98, and they work fine, but I spend most of
my time working under Linux (surprise!!). So now for the trick: getting
those extra keys to work under Linux.

I've fooled around with xmodmap and loadkeys, checked showkey and xev, but
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