Sony CPD-17SF1 Configuration?!?

Sony CPD-17SF1 Configuration?!?

Post by Jonathan Tann » Sun, 02 Jul 1995 04:00:00

  Hello, I was hoping that someone out there might have the optimal
configuration for this monitor type when running X windows on it.  In
conjunction with this monitor, I am running an Orchid Farenheit Pro 64
Video card, and have as yet not found the proper configuration file for
it either.  (Though I do have the most current XF86_S3 server, so I know
it will work eventually.)  
  Thanks in advance for any help/advice offered.


1. Configuration Realtek RTG-3106 and Sony CPD-1404E

 I am trying to get my Realtek based card to display images in more than
640x480x16 colours (VGA16), monitor is a Sony CPD-1404E.  However, no matter
how much I try to hack away at the XF86config file, X-windows stubbonly refuses
to display anything in a civilised fashion (I use RedHat 4.0,  XF96_SVGA).

 I would be grateful if anyone could shed any light on this matter.  In
particular, I would like to know which dot-clock and the corresponding
display modes to use.


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