date/time setting keeps changing

date/time setting keeps changing

Post by jos » Sat, 04 Aug 2001 18:43:07


I have suse7.2 installed on a dell inspiron 8000 laptop.
When I reboot the system, the time/date setting keeps changing
back to a wrong value. I tried changing the time setting
using xset and using yast, but it keeps changing back
after a reboot. Anyone have a suggestion?

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1. date/time of a file compare with current date/time


I hope i can drop my question about Linux shell programming here?

I'm writing a script in bash to find files. I'm using the slocate
programm, which is being runned every hour using a cron job, to create
it's database.

Now i want to know how long it is ago that the database has been
recreated. Zo i need to check the date and time from that file and
compare it with the current date and time. I know there must be easy to
do but i can't find the trick to do it.

Maikel van Gorkom

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