Q: about XConfig of Cannon notebook

Q: about XConfig of Cannon notebook

Post by thle » Fri, 03 Feb 1995 13:32:41

Hi! everybody.

        I am using Cannon subnote book computer - Innova book 10c.
        On the user's guide of this notebook computer,
        they said only it is vga/ega compatible and no any spec
        as like clock time.

        What is the basic Xconfig file for general VGA compatible board
        and the lcd monitor?

        I tried many configuration but fail (even the lcd monitor
        works well on dos with any graphical program)
        I executed 'vgaset' too but cannot get any information.

        Why X window configuration need so many infomation?
        We can simply use libvga.a without care of those things at first time.
        (libvga.a works well too)

        I need your help.
        Any related comments will be appreciated.
                        Tonghyun Lee

  Phone:    503-737-5566        | CS Dept.
  Fax:      503-737-3014        | Oregon State University


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