getting 16 million colors on a VGA screen

getting 16 million colors on a VGA screen

Post by Alan Le » Mon, 02 Jun 1997 04:00:00

(prolly a newbie question) is there any known way to get over 16 colours
on a VGA screen in X? I currently have a S3 Trio64V+ with 1M VRAM. I can
get 640x480x16mil in Win95, so i assume it can be done in X as well. any
help will be greatly appreciated.



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I am looking for a video card that supports 16 million colours using
XFree86.  It needs to be a VLB card.  If it happens to be supported by
svgalib this would be extremely helpfullera.  Any suggestions?
I believe that SpeedStar 64 is good but does it come in VLB?

Grant Morphett on behalf of Dave McRae.

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