Searching XF86Config for IBM ThinkPad 510Cs

Searching XF86Config for IBM ThinkPad 510Cs

Post by Eduardo Sweet Bi » Mon, 18 Sep 1995 04:00:00

If you have it, please forward me a copy. If you don't, but you know the
right settings (screen,server,card,etc.), please forward me that information.
-I'm a bit desperate by now!
Thanks in advance to everyone. Best regards, Ed.
Eduardo Sweet Biro

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Newsgroups: soc.history.war.misc,sci.military.naval
Subject: Re: Aussie Battleships  Was: MORE FEMINIST blah blah blah
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Date: 17 Sep 1995 04:04:21 GMT
Organization: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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We seem to have migrated from meaningless dicussions to something
slightly meaningful, so the newsgroup line has been appropriately
altered.  Darn if I know how we got from feminist stuff to
battleships...I've been ignoring this thread.  Good thing somebody
changed the subject line, as this is my area of expertise.

First: Australia never had a battleship.  They had a single
battlecruiser, but she always operated with the Royal Navy.
: Two -- Yes, its true that England (and France, I believe) sailed some
: battleships after WWII.  
Russia, Chile, Italy and Turkey also operated battleships after WWII.
: But, ONLY America USED them (Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War) after WWII.  
In terms of actual combat, yes.  However, French and British
battleships covered a lot of the globe in that period.  One of the
French ships might have actually fired her guns at Vietnam, but I
don't know for sure.
: Three -- There are no battleships in South America.
There were until 1959, when the last was sold for scrap.  All three
South American powers had battleships (some inoperable) though the
early 1950's.
: The Argentines had an old heavy cruiser
Light cruiser, ex US.
: Argentines also have one of the few operational aircraft carriers in
: the world
She's been inoperative since 1986, engineless since 1989.  A totally
worthless hulk.
: (joining the U.S., Russia, France and India
And Brazil, Spain and Italy.
:-- NOT Britain,  whose jumpjet cruisers don't count).
They are certainly as effective, if not more effective, than the
ancient jumpjet carriers India has.  Absolutely more effective than
the single Russian carrier, which has no air wing and can't go
anywhere (lack of money for fuel).
: So, please note, I DO try to get my facts straight.
You didn't do very well.  Scott does far better than you.
: Of course, if you have PROOF I'm incorrect, I'm always ready to
: learn the truth.
Good, 'cuz you have lots to learn.
Andrew, author of comprehensive battleship and aircraft carrier lists.

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1. IBM Thinkpad 510Cs

I have been running Linux successfully for several months on
an IBM Thinkpad 510Cs and have noticed something odd -
whenever I boot into Linux 'cold', I get 5.11 BogoMips,
but when I boot first to DOS, then Ctl-Alt-Del and reboot
to Linux, I get 14.33 BogoMips.  Perhaps DOS is enabling
a CPU cache that Linux doesn't know about?  Has anybody
else experienced this?  If my theory is vaguely correct, is
there a kernel patch available to fix this?

Mark Spradlin

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