Xinside vs. Metrolink

Xinside vs. Metrolink

Post by Mark Hamstr » Fri, 16 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I know this question has been asked before, but I never saw the answer.
Please pardon the repeat, but would someone care to give me a "compare
and contrast" of Xinside's Accelerated X and Metrolink's Metro-x.  I
need one or the other to drive my new Matrox Millenium under Red Hat.

1. Xinside or MetroLink X server for Matrox

I was just wondering which X server would be better for my Millenium.  
The Xinside Server or the Metrolink server?  I am hoping that someone
would say MetroLink because I am kind of pissed at Xinside.  I purchased
Xinside 1.1 when I had an Impression.  Now that I have a Millenium, I
still have to pay to get the new drivers.  Since Metro comes with Rehat
Picasso, I guess the price would be about the same except I would also
get the redhat distribution.  BTW, does this mean I can SELL my Xinside
server or giveaway because I no longer have a use for a server which
cannot serve the Millenium?

Thanks for the kind responses( advance...)


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