Intergraph Intense 3d Voodoo

Intergraph Intense 3d Voodoo

Post by Edward Livengoo » Tue, 06 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I was wondering if someone could tell me the best place to find Xfree86
drivers for my video card.  It has an AT25 2d engine, and Voodoo rush 3d
engine.  Any help with this would be appreciated.

1. Intergraph Intense 3D Voodoo Rush XF86 Setup (2D portion)

I've gotten my I3D to work just fine in the latest version of XF86...
here's what I did:

Start XF86Setup.
Select your mouse and keyboard.
Select the Card "card" .
Click Detailed Setup.
Choose the SVGA server.
Select ATI24 from the drop-down "Chipset" menu.
Bump Max RAMDAC speed to 300.
Select 4096 for Video RAM. Although the I3D has 6192K, 2048 are for 3D
Select the Monitor card and select / punch in your monitor's specs.
Adjust any "Other" params.
Click OK... again...

G'luck! :)


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