Newbie Quesion:How do I know my bios setting and bios version?

Newbie Quesion:How do I know my bios setting and bios version?

Post by Chuanhao Wa » Sat, 28 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Please help me! I just bought a computer, and I'm installing RedHat on
it.  I have a Intel i740 AGP card, but how do I know what its bios
version is?  Also, the computer is preloaded with Win98, whenever it
starts, it says" bios updates incorrected".  I have little ideal what
bios is and how to check my bios setting.   If somebody can give me some
direction, I would be grateful.



1. MR BIOS V3.1.2 SHAREWARE BIOS for Intel Zappa Motherboard available

Microid Research is pleased to announce a maintenance upgrade
to the SHAREWARE MR BIOS for Intel Zappa motherboard to version 3.1.2.

Hundreds of people have downloaded MR BIOS - ZAPPA - so far, and
the responses are overwhelminly positive.  In response to your
requests, MR BIOS is offering this upgrade to fix some minor
problems you reported.  If you are one of the hundreds of people
who downloaded version 3.1.0, then you *MUST* get this upgrade to
fix a bug affecting manual IRQ mode on PCI.

For those of you with an Intel Zappa motherboard, and still
suffering with the AMI BIOS, you should really consider upgrading
your BIOS to the new MR BIOS.  If you see some features on this
list you recognize from your AMI, Phoenix, or Award BIOS, then
you might be inclinded to believe MR BIOS is the follower.  The
contrary is true, the others stole their features from MR BIOS
within months of their introduction on MR BIOS.

Here are some of the features:
 (1) Plug 'n Play card support.
       1a) Auto resource steering
       1b) Win95 compatible
 (2) PCI and Bridge support.
       2a) Auto resource steering
       2b) DEC PCI-PCI bridges
 (3) Energy Star power management.
       3a) APM for Windows and DOS
       3b) VESA DPMS video mgmt
       3c) SMI and STPCLK
       3d) Timewarp correction
 (4) Fast-ATA support.
       4a) ATA Mode 4/5 (to 20 MB/S)
       4b) Built-in CMD-640, OPTi-621 drivers
 (5) Enhanced IDE support.
       5a) LBA and CHS translations
       5b) EDPT Table support
       5c) IBM/Microsoft INT13 extensions
       5c) 8 discs max, each to 137 GByte
       5d) Drive remapping
       5e) Boot SCSI (ahead of IDE)
 (6) Atapi and Removable IDE.
       6a) CD-ROM recognition
       6b) SyQuest and Ejectable Media
 (7) Enhanced Floppy support.
       7a) 4 floppy/tape-drives max
       7b) Drive remapping
 (8) Anti-Virus protection.
 (9) Password Security.
(10) PS/2 Mouse support.
(11) Pentium and M1 586 CPU support.
(12) Instant! Boot (tm).

Is that enough for you?  To learn more, come visit the MR BIOS
Zappa home page, at:

"Intel Secrets -- What Intel doesn't want you to know"

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