Shutdown doesn't work from X/XDM

Shutdown doesn't work from X/XDM

Post by Franz Fackelma » Fri, 10 Nov 1995 04:00:00

|> howdy,
|> It's very strange, but when I type shutdown now -r from an xterm
|> window, after booting into X with XDM, it will not shutdown!
|> the console windows says that it is entering runlevel 6 (i think thats
|> it!) but it doesn't shutdown! I have to do a ctrl-alt-F1 to go to the
|> startup screen, then do a ctrl-alt-del!
|> any ideas?
|> Thanks
|> Jim

You should send the command into the background, and maybe redirect the
output/error to one of your VCs. At least for me it's working this way.

Eg.: shutdown -r now > /dev/tty8 2>&1 &



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Does anyone have the same problem?  I am running Slackware 2.1 and XF86 3.1.
Since, the startx and xinit doesn't work under XF86 3.1, I switched to use
xdm, and bring up user.  In this mode, rlogin doesn't work anymore.  It
simply returns and says 'connection close'.  Rlogin still works when I
switches to VC.  I am connecting thru SLIP using dip 3.3.7 uri since
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Can anyone help me?  BTW, rsh, ftp, and telnet works in both modes.  Didn't
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Please send the suggestion via e-mail to me.
--- Gwobaw Wu

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