HP Printer Setup

HP Printer Setup

Post by Tim Jon » Sun, 11 Nov 2001 21:29:34

I have set my HP Deskjet 520 printer up to print in RH 6.0. But it
will only print greyscale, which takes a very long time and is a bit
unnecessary for printing text. If I tell it to print black and white
in abiword for example, it just prints blocks of black.
Can anyone tell me how to set it up to print in normal B&W.

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Can anyone help me to setup the apsfilter so that I can print to a Jetdirect
print server for HP LaserJet 5L?

I'm using SuSE 6.1 at the moment, I can print to the printer but the result
is rubbish.

I can do it quite easily under RedHat's printtool. Is there anything
similiar tool I can use under SuSE?

Many thanks

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