Funny keyboard behavior

Funny keyboard behavior

Post by Ernesto Hern├índez-Novic » Sat, 18 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I have a spanish keyboard properly configured for XFree under Linux
2.0.27. There are some "dead keys" for my needed accented characters,
and they work perfectly well  in xterm, vi, bash and Tcl/Tk
applications. However, Netscape 3.01/4.03 doesn't seem to handle them
very well. I have a key for "?" which works very well (meaning I can
type it anywhere an it will work, as it did while posting this), but the
dead keys do not work at all while in Netscape.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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1. Funny behavior with xterm

I just made the jump to Solaris 2.1 from 4.1.3.  I decided to use
xterms instead of cmd-tools in Openwindows because I like to use file
name completion (filec) and it doesn't work quite right in cmd-tools.

My problem is this: When I try to open a window on another machine on
my net from a customized menu, the del button doesn't work.  I found a
workaround by executing "tset xterm" when I start an xterm, and the
del key now works.  The new problem is that vi and history give with
badly formatted output.

Has anyone seen this problem?  Is there a way to get things to work?



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