What is Sync. Polarity?

What is Sync. Polarity?

Post by Bill Parke » Thu, 20 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have a Diamond Viper PCI 2Mb driving a Magic View 17H (I nearly fell
over when I saw specs. for this monitor when I was configuring Xfree86...
I thought I'd bought the only production model! But I digress...)

I want to play around with the Viper custom options to increase (in this
case, the 1280x1024/60Hz) to a less-flickerable 70+Hz. Under Dross, the
vprmode wants me to choose between Sync Polarities of

(H/V) +/+ -/+ =/- -/-

The manual with the monitor talks not at all about these... so what are
they and which ones do I use? And are they mentioned when configuring for
Xfree86 at all (once I've got this new motherboard completely working,
I'll be running SLackware Linux again)??

I've looked thru' the (somewhat mind-blowing) documentation on
configuring for X but nothing leaped out at me.




1. Sync signal polarity

Can someone please explain what the + and - hsync and vsync
parameters in the mode lines do?  Am I going to damage my monitor by
experimenting with them?

I didn't see anything in the video timing how-to about how to figure out
if the polarity is right.  I don't see anything in my monitor's manual
about sync signal polarity.

Is it dangerous to play with the pulse widths as well?


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