Number 9 9FX Vision 330 card

Number 9 9FX Vision 330 card

Post by Ling C. » Mon, 10 Apr 1995 04:00:00


I just got a video board, #9 9FX Vision 330
w/  S3 Trio 32/64 chip.

I tried to use the X11S3 server  (X311S3u1.tgz I think),
have the XF86config with:
Chipset "mmio_829"   (forgot if it's actually something else and not 829)
ClockChip "s3_trio"
Ramdac "s3_trio"
Everything else is configured by xf86config where the only information
I entered are the frequency for my monitor and the identifiers.

When I started X, it ran well and gave me all the windows just like
i had set up before with my et4000w32 card. But when I tried to
go back to one of the virtual console using ctrl-alt-F#, the
screen got totally messed up, the monitor is not in sync at all.
I will get that even if I kill the X with ctrl-alt-backspace.
Later i discovered that if I get out from X when I cycle to 800x600 mode,
i will get a stable text screen but now the whole screen is shrinked
and the texts are much smaller than it should. The two other resolution
i set up are 1024x768 and 600x480 and if I tried to get to a
virtual console or get out from X at that point, my monitor will get out
of sync as I discribed.

Have any one use this card? Can I get a working xf86config or
any advice on setting it up correctly?

My monitor is a NEC 3fgx btw.



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