new xwb Version 2.0 - editing-compiling-textprocessing tool

new xwb Version 2.0 - editing-compiling-textprocessing tool

Post by WEIPING H » Tue, 18 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hi, Michael.  I just downloaded the xwb file and installed on my linux box.
But when I try to start it, it complains that

XView warning: Unable to allocate control colors for colormap segment (Color
XView warning: invalid object (not a pointer), xv_get

Then the program would start, but when I tried the 'file ' menu it just opens
another window.  If I try 'execute' the program dies.  I'm sure it's a
configuration/installation problem, but don't know what to do.  



>At in directory /pub/Linux/X11/xapps/editors or in a
>sunsite mirror, same path.

>Now the new Version 2.0 of xwb, X-window workbench is available.
>It is based on the Xlib and Xview libraries and looks similar to
>the "textedit"-editor from SUN, has mostly the same editing-functions
>making c-programming or textprocessing quite comfortable.
>Additionally is has buttons for starting compiler, textformatter
>or any other program that somehow converts files, and for executing,
>starting a viewer or similar (you can configurate everything yourself,
>TeX and GNU Compiler are pre-configured).
>The kind of configuration, is automatically detected in evaluating the
>file name (if it ends with .c or .tex, for example).

>What's new:
>The new version runs quite stable on my Linux machine, in the contrary
>to the previous Version - I re-wrote the Filemenu function.
>The compiler messages can be directed to an additional window, for so
>it allows processing it - but a function for automatically jumping
>to a line, where an error occurred isn't supported yet - you'll
>haveto wait for next version.
>I'm still working on a multiple-window method for working with C-projects,
>there are still some problems with the Xview library with creating
>textwindows outside of the main frame.

>Hope you'll enjoy working with xwb -

>Greetings, Michael Sohmen.



>PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.


1. Xwb: editor tool version 2.1 released

New Version of Xwb, X-window workbench Version 2.1

Xwb is an editor tool to make programming in C, writing TeX documents
and other things more comfortable.
When a file is opened, the editor configurates itself depending on the
extension of the filename, .c .cpp .tex for example.
Then, if the 'compile' button is pushed, it starts the processor that
converts the edited file, like latex or make.
After that, when you press the 'execute button' it executes the binary
or starts a viewer for the result file.

You can as well add configurations for other file types; lately I added
one for the pov raytracer files (try it).

Xwb is based on the xview and xlib libraries, a dynamically linked binary
is included. It works correctly with xview version 3.2, but 3.1 should do
as well.

Primary site of xwb version 2.1:
                                  -> /pub/Linux/X11/xapps/editors

Comments or new ideas are welcome.


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