XF_S3 3.2, Diamond Stealth VRAM ISA, hi-color?

XF_S3 3.2, Diamond Stealth VRAM ISA, hi-color?

Post by Eugene Di » Tue, 12 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I have a diamond stealth vram ISA card with 1M RAM. under MS-WIN it can go
for 16-bit color (I have a vendor-supplied driver). But I cannot get 16bpp
under XF86 -- for all versions up to 3.2, that is. If I try -bpp 15, I was
told the S3 911 chip does not support 15bpp; if I try -bpp 16, I was told the
ramdac Sierra SC11483 does not support 16bpp. these cannot both be true since
MS-WIN could do it. Anyone could enlight me on this?

And I know I should get a better card, but before that ...




1. Diamond Stealth 3400 4meg VRAM VLB & 3.2

Hi All. I came back from my winter break to a nice surprise, 3.1.2G had
expired and my system
was frozen at xdm. So, I booted off of floppies, got into my system,
downloaded 3.2 and I can't seem to get the bugger to work.

I've tried all the various settings I could in my Device setting with
the S3 server, but everytime I start X the screen flicks and goes black,
locking up my system (No Cont-Alt-Bksp). Does
anyone have any ideas?

My vitals:
Diamond Stealth VLB 3400 4Meg
Ti3026 Ramdac
S3 968 Chipset



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