3.12G 16bpp & rail tracks around cursor...

3.12G 16bpp & rail tracks around cursor...

Post by umes » Sat, 14 Sep 1996 04:00:00

yes....2 lines running parallel all along the screen and moves vertically with
the cursor....Is there anyway i can remove them ?...32bit is too bad...i guess
my monitor cannot sync or something...the screen looks like a TV monitor
tuned to a no transmission channel...

any help ?...


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Dear All

I have server running samba under Redhat 6.0.  I need to copy a load of
data (approx. 8.5 Gig) from the existing file server (A Novell 3.12 box)
to the new server.  The disk being copied TO is actually a raid 0 array
comprising a 4G + 8G = 12G.  The linux box connects to the Novell box
using IPX and ncpmount.

When the data is copied across it then occupies all the space on the
drive.  This is a problem since the original point of the exercise was
to give us some room on the disk!! :-)

Does anybody have any idea why the files are ballooning?  Could it be
fragmentation?  Is it something to do with the RAID array?

Any ideas on even where to begin looking?

Many thanks


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