Q: on updating just the X server

Q: on updating just the X server

Post by Thomas Bah » Fri, 06 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hi all.

I am using Linux since Slackware 2.0 and have updated several packages by
hand being not in favour of a complete re-install. So my X11R5 meight be
the last old package now... :-)
Let's come to the point: Because I don't want to upgrade to X11R6 at all
for some reason, the question is whether or not I can replace the X
server instead of the entire X Window system. My intention is to get
XFree operating a bit faster or more smoothly in conjunction with my
Trident 9400CXi card. The old server I'm currently using is the general
SVGA server. Some other people told me there is an optimized one
available for the Trident !?

Thanks for your help,

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Q: on updating just the X server

Post by Rachel Polanski » Wed, 18 Oct 1995 04:00:00


I also use this card...
it is rather Slow, isn't it?

I just installed the Accelerated X server, and then updated it for the 9400cxi.

It is much much faster, and Netscape tells me it is many times faster, esp.
when scrolling text or graphics.

This package is server only, but is only a demo limited to 3 connections.
This is unacceptable for me, as I use many more than 3 apps at a time, (It's
not Windows ;) )  

The complete uncrippled package costs quite a bit of money (more in Australia)
so I was also wondering if an optimised version of the SVGA server that comes
with XF86 has been made for the TGUI9400, using the linkit ?

An ELF version of this would be especially appreciated....

Please let me know!





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