X-Login won't work 1st time round...

X-Login won't work 1st time round...

Post by Jonathan Delstrothe » Mon, 08 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I'm using the X-Window login on my linux box, & hit a fairly strange
problem.  It only started doing it recently, I've no idea what started it.
If I login with my account, straight from bootup, the resolution changes, a
blue screen (my gnome background) comes up, then it exits straight back to
the login.
Second time around, it works fine, & loads up enlightenment / gnome.

If I login as root, it works fine, ditto for logginng in under my name after
root has logged in.  If I had to, I could set up a new non-priveliged (damn,
I *know* thats spelt wrong) user & test with that - I was just wondering if
anyone had a quick answer...

Cheers anyways
Terminal Linux Newbie


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