X-term problem

X-term problem

Post by Shane P. Walke » Mon, 24 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I'm just a new user to the Linux OS and have had my fair share of problems with
configuration.  Recently, I did something to prevent myself from opening any X-term and
all other terminal windows from the menu provided me, while I'm in X-windows. Could it
be that I screwed something up with the PATH.  I would grately appreciate any detailed
information anyone can provide me.  In addition,  I have configured netscape correctly
before under Linux by myself, but after getting v202 for Linux from netscape, I am
unable to properly configure it.  I haven't been able to run it in X-Win and even when I
did before I couldn't get the mail and news clients to work.  I would also appreciate
any help.  Thank you in advance!



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I occasionally use Linux as an X-term connected to an IBM RS-6000
server running AIX 4.0. Everything seems to work fine except when
I click on a down-arrow in any of the scroll boxes, nothing
happens. Other mouse functions seem to work OK. Any ideas on what
might be causing the problem?  Thanks.

Jim Schmidt

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