Raytracing SCED pov-files?

Raytracing SCED pov-files?

Post by Mattias Lindsk » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I've downloaded the SCED 3D modeller and it works fine. The
problem is that I can't get Povray to undersatnd the output files.
I've tryed to compile Povray with the patches for SCED but I go
a zillion warning messages and the result didn't work.

If you know where a compiledd version of Povray with the SCED patches
please let me know

Mattias Lindskog


1. multiple file output for frames of animation with raytrace

ImageMagick reads RLE images.  Perhaps you have an older version.  Look
for ImageMagick 2.0 as contrib/ImageMagick.tar.Z on export.lcs.mit.edu.

I also have reduced the memory requirements of `animate' by a factor of 5.
The example animation, ImageMagick.animation.tar.Z, previously required
30mb of virtual memory.  It now requires 6.

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