Using Accupoint Mouse in T4900CT

Using Accupoint Mouse in T4900CT

Post by David E. Fann » Sun, 12 Mar 1995 07:00:58

What is the right setting for using a Accupoint mouse in
a Toshiba T4900CT laptop?  I have been using the
ps/2 style ("/dev/psaux") and the protocol "Microsoft".

The mouse appears to be recognized, and responds to
movement, but the behavior is quite erratic (slight movement
cause the mouse to move wildly, and sometimes cause "pressed"
button behavior in X. Also, the button themselves do not

Do I need to redo the kernel to handle this type of mouse?
Are drivers available? or is it just my operator error?

My configuration is shown below.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


dave fannin

pacific bell


Toshiba T4900CT Laptop (Pentium)
Display Color LCD (C&T 65xxx driver)
Accupoint Mouse (fingertouch mouse in keyboard)
Slackware 2.1 Pro w/IDE kernel (1.1.59)
/dev/mouse set to "/dev/psaux"
XFree86 3.1 (Server is 3.1.1 SVGA)