gdm face browser

gdm face browser

Post by The RippyFis » Sun, 20 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi all - I need guidance from a GNUru...

I've got GNOME running, but I'm having trouble with gdm [ 1.0.0-12rh ].

Whenever I try to show any mugshots in the greeter other than the
default, gdm crashes (then respawns, etc. - needs a powercycle to
recover) - I've tried saving the image as .png and .xpm
(should be fine? I'm runnnig Imlib 1.9.5-1) with these names:

~/.gnome/photo  (didn't do anything) and
/usr/share/faces/<username> (
/usr/share/faces directory didn't exist till I created it and this is
what causes the crash)

I'm stumped - either I'm misreading the docs or it's a bug?

Any help gratefully appreciated.