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I have an ATI mach 64vt runing on RH5.2.  X works ok.  However when I try to
run a console game (quake2) using vid_ref soft (the vga console render) I
get a stack dump error.  If I go into libvga.config and comment the line
with my chipset (Mach64 chipset), the game loads up with a regular VGA
render in 300X200.  Since I don't want that, what do I do to fix it?


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---                         C T H U G H A - L  0.8                           ---
I'm trying to run Cthugha on Linux (slackware 3.0)...I get the following
startup   errors...what are the /etc/vga/libvga.config files its looking

svgalib: Configuration file /etc/vga/libvga.config not found.
svgalib: Assuming Microsoft mouse.
svgalib: Assuming low end SVGA/8514 monitor (35.5 KHz).
svgalib: Configuration file /etc/vga/libvga.config not found.
svgalib: ark: Assuming normal VGA DAC.
svgalib: Using ARK driver (ARK2000PV, 1024K, PCI). Base address = 0x02000000.
Loading palettes...
Loading PCX-files...
Loading translations...

Can not open /dev/mixer (19 - No such device)

Can't open /dev/dsp (19 - No such device)
Press <enter> to continue.

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