trident 9685 & 14' standard monitor & X

trident 9685 & 14' standard monitor & X

Post by Richard Kroone » Fri, 20 Mar 1998 04:00:00


Is there sombody who has a good configuration of Xf86Config for a trident
providea 9685, i want to get it well working on a simple 14" monitor, 31.5
-37,5 etc....

i have it working but only at 50mhz on my monitor and i'm getting sick of
the screen..

please give me a good config... 800x600x16 bits is wanted....

kind regards,

Richard Kroonen


1. XF4.0 & trident 9685

I upgraded to XF4.0 last weekend.  No errors during installation or

Problem is thin horizontal lines is instead of solid color in several
places.  For example:
    background of xdm
    background of kdm login window
    borders around windows
    item under cursor in start menu
    background of KDE Control Center
    web pages with solid backgrounds in Netscape 4.61 (the entire backgound
of /. is white horiz lines except the images.)

I am running Trident Provida 9685 w/ 4MB ram at 24bpp 1024x768.  I have
tried 8&16 bbp and 640x480 & 800 x 600.
Generic Multisync monitor

The trident driver man page has not been completed yet.

Any thoughts?


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