Help : WD paradise BAHAMAS card

Help : WD paradise BAHAMAS card

Post by Christian Huwae » Mon, 03 Jun 1996 04:00:00


Has someone managed to get it running with more than 640x480 256 col ?
If so, please help me...


Christian Huwaert (Brussels, Belgium)


1. Slakware 3.0 & WD Paradise Bahamas Video Card

First off, I'm green, 'k?

I just installed Slakware 3.0 in a 486i/32M with a  WD Paradise Bahamas
Video Card (S3 chipset). Now, the XConfig doesn't mention this card by name
(or I'm blind/not looking in the right place), but it does name a lot of
other cards that use the S3.

I don't want to guess which settings to use, and I've never set up X
before--actually, I had a version of RedHat with X, but I didn't do
anything, if you know what I mean. The RedHat install program did it all.

I figure someone out here might be able to tell me exactly where to go (no,
not there...I know the way) to get the info I need.

If it matters, and I'm sure it will, I've got an old Orchestra/Trumpet 14"
SVGA monitor.

Any help I get to successfully install X on my box will result in the
provider receiving my heart-felt thanks, and possibly having me name my
first-born after them, or the pet of their choice.

Thanks in advance.

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