autorepeat for mouse?

autorepeat for mouse?

Post by Marty Leisner 257 » Fri, 20 Jan 1995 07:59:30

On a sparcstation, when I hold a mouse with a button depressed in a
tk application (tkman, tkinfo), the window keeps scrolling while I have
the button held down...

On X11R6 on linux, holding the button down is a good as a single click...

How do I configure it to keep responding to held down mouse buttons
(I have a 2 button PS2 mouse on a Compaq presario).


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1. autorepeat of mouse down

I am using SWiM (Motif) ver 1.2.4-a
                                               XFree86 ver 2.1.1
                                                        Linux 1.1.70

When I was using a DecStation 3100 I had autorepeat on the scrolle bars
holding down the mouse button.  The keyboard autorepeat is turned on using
the Xconfig files of XFree86 but I a unable to turn autorepeat for the

Thanks in advance


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