XMosaic library

XMosaic library

Post by Michal Kresli » Thu, 04 Jan 1996 04:00:00

When I want to run Xmosaic 2.7b1, it tells me "can't load library
'libXpm.so.4.5'" even if I link libXpm.so.4.3 to that name. Does anybody
know what to do or where to get that library?
                                        Thank you in advance.
                                                        Michal Kreslik

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Okay, since I can't get Word Perfect to install, I am currently
downloading all 51 megs of star office. Unfortunately, I am running
redhat 5.0, so I need libc 5.4.22 or higher. Can I get this somewhere
and install it, or am I screwed? Please tell me I'm not spending 6 hours
dowloading for nothing...

Chad Cunningham

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