ATI Mach 32 and 16-bit display - Xfree 3.1.2

ATI Mach 32 and 16-bit display - Xfree 3.1.2

Post by The Big Red tomat » Fri, 20 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have an ATI Mach 32 video card, and I'm running XFree 3.1.2 under Linux 2.0.25.
I've been trying in vain to Xfree to do 16-bit color with the video card.  The
card has 2 Megs of memory, and according to the docs, 16-bit color is possible.
However, I get "invalid BPP" when I try to force it into 16-bit mode...
Anyone done this successfully?  tips?  pointers?



1. I need to run 16-bit executable on 32-bit OS

(My previous posting's description seems to have its ending "?" truncated,
so I am re-posting with a new description.)

What I need is the ability to -run- existing 16-bit compiled and linked code
on a 32-bit UNIX operating system and have it interface to native UNIX code.

I have a package running on an 80286.  I want to move it to a UNIX platform,
and UnixWare is what my company would like to use.

The package DOES NOT run under DOS.  It runs on our own system which DOES
NOT use any protected mode capabilities of the 80286.  However, executables
that we load and run -are- in DOS's 16-bit ".EXE" format (the non-Windows
format).  Loading the executable into memory is not a problem.  I already
have a solution for that.  What I need to resolve is the following:

  1.  How do I tell UnixWare that the code I want it to execute is 16-bit
        code, and
  2.  How do I call 32-bit routines from the 16-bit code?

Note:  The executable is already being passed the address of a table of
service routine addresses in segment:offset format.  The executable then
uses these routine addresses for every access to system services for file,
I/O, and other operations.

BTW:  UnixWare -does- come with a product called Merge from Locus Computing
Corporation, but it does not fully meet our needs.


Apertus Technologies                                       (612) 828-0582
Eden Prairie, MN

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