Accel-X on SIS 5598 VGA chipset?

Accel-X on SIS 5598 VGA chipset?

Post by Andreas Mits » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

   does Accel-X 4.1 (AX) provide any updates to support the onboard VGA
controller of the SIS 5598?



1. SiS 5598 (integrated VGA) chipset

I recently put redhat 5.0 on a machine with a new ASUS SP97-V motherboard
which comes with on board video support through a SiS 5598 (integrated
VGA) chipset.

While installing XFree86 I chose the VGA16 video driver because the SiS
chipset was not listed in the available options.

I'm having problems with X windows. This chipset is not listed in any of
the driver packages I've seen for XFree86, or anything else. Does anyone
know what driver to use with this chipset?

Thanks for any info. Please email any responses to


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UC Berkeley  *

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