How to redirect input/output to local&remote display

How to redirect input/output to local&remote display

Post by Wolfgang Schluesche » Sat, 28 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,
I want to rlogin on a remote host and start a program in a xterm. How to
redirect the input (keyboard) and output not only to the local display
but to the remote display, too ?

Kind regards,


1. Redirecting input and output to serial port

Pl help:
With no keyboard attached to an Ultra, serial port I/O
is being redirected to ttya. I am able to view the
output by using VT100 terminal emulation software in
a PC. However, it is not accepting any input from
my PC keyboard. so i am not able to login at login prompt.
I have set the correct parameters for VT100term:
9600baud, 8N1
What are the other things to be checked here?
thanks in advance

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