How to get BACKSPACE & DELETE working with Emacs 19.29 under X?

How to get BACKSPACE & DELETE working with Emacs 19.29 under X?

Post by Dave Toppe » Tue, 23 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I recall having problems like this a while ago with Netscape.  Essentially, my Backspace and Delete keys
do the same thing (erase to the left and move the cursor).  I would like Backspace to function this way
but I would like Delete to delete to the right and NOT move the cursor.

How might I set things like this up under Emacs 19.29 under XFree 3.1.2?

The modifications I made a while ago for Netscape (which I haven't changed) are:

in .xinitrc:

xmodmap -e "keycode 22 = BackSpace"
xmodmap -e "keycode 107 = Delete"

and in .Xdefaults (to fix things for Xterm) ... used to make Backspace and Del work properly when
running Emacs 19.25 (without X) in an Xterm.

.XTerm.VT100.Translations: #override <Key>BackSpace: string(0x7F)\n\
<Key>Delete:    string(0x04)\n\
<Key>Home:      string(0x1b) string("{1~")\n\
<Key>End:       string(0x1b) string("[4~")

So I am at a bit of a loss and would really like some help.


Dave Topper


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