fahrenheit provideo 64 - help!

fahrenheit provideo 64 - help!

Post by Simon Powe » Mon, 26 Aug 1996 04:00:00


Anyone got any experience of setting up xfree86 to run with an Orchid
Fahrenehit VideoPro 64? Any and all reports of success gratefully accepted.

Please respond by email - will summarise to list (if anyone asks me to!)




1. Fahrenheit ProVideo 64??

Anyone know the trick of getting this board to work?

S3 vision 968 VLB
can't recognize any clock generator.

I permuted the reasonable clock chip options after using what superprobe
told me in xf86config got only a blank screen.

Had to put back my generic 805 VLB board, bummer.

I installed Redhat 2.1 and Slakware 3.0 to decide which to really use,
Slakware XMAN prints and empty page for XF86_S3 (although others are there).

Redhat XMAN is missing about all the XF86 manpages.  Its unclear what
"package I left out".


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