Xfree-3.3 and emacs won't run anymore?

Xfree-3.3 and emacs won't run anymore?

Post by Stefan Markgr » Tue, 08 Jul 1997 04:00:00

After the installation of Xfree-3.3 my emacs won't
run properly:
(emacs version 19.34.1)
emacs -fn lucidasanstypewriter-12 -i -bg '#f3dfa3' -geometry 76x55-0+0

results in
Warning: locale not supported by C library, locale unchanged
Font `lucidasanstypewriter-12' is not defined

Choosing another font listed in fonts.alias emacs starts up, but
the display is somewhat weird. Positions are confused...

What have I done wrong?

Thanks for help,


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When I run top, it clears the terminal like normal, then flashes
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and exits.

I tried emptying utmp, no difference, then I deleted it, which made things
worse.  I also stole a copy of utmp from my other Linux box, still the same
problem.  Nothing else seems to be effected, e.g. I can login just fine
(console, telnet, XDM, etc.) and ps works fine, who works fine, etc...

Anybody have any ideas?


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