Ways to do X over the phone

Ways to do X over the phone

Post by James B. Hill » Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi!  I currently am very successful using ppp to run X over the
phone with the standard serial setup... 28.8 modem, serial, connect
to the machine that will run the X server, set up my X as a client,

What I don't know is - is there a way to do this with PLIP instead
of PPP to take advantage of the parallel port...and would doing
so increase my throughput as I would expect?

It would SEEM to me that all that's needed is a modem that can
marry the parallel port output inside the box to a phone connection,
just the way a "normal" modem converts the digital signal on the
serial port to an analog signal suitable for phone line transmission.

Is this the case?  And if so, who makes such hardware, and about what
might it cost?

OR - if you would, point me to an appropriate HOW-TO or FAQ.  I scanned
all the Linux HOWTO's and FAQ's currently available.  None say that
you can or can't - they address PLIP only the way in which it's
normally used, with an ethernet medium.

Also - is there any way I can find out the speed at which a current
ppp connection is actually connected?  I tried "ifconfig", but
that doesn't seem to include speed data.