AMD ethernet card

AMD ethernet card

Post by Knud Schlosse » Mon, 20 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I have an AMDPCNET Family Ethernet Adapter card and i have some problems to
get it work under Linux
It's intergrated

May sombody help me please

Frederik Schlosser


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Okay before posting this question I read everything I could and I still
can't get my network card to work.  ( i was able to troubleshoot sndconfig,
Xfree86 3.3.3 and KDE but this is kicking my butt)

I have an Allied Telesyn 2450 PCI ethernet card . According to the
EthernetHowTO this is really an AMD 79C970 and uses the "lance" driver

When I installed Caldera 1.2 it setup my ethernet card just fine. However,
when I switced to RH 5.1 I have been unable to configure it correctly.

Here is all the info I have (as reported by Windows device manager)

Device: AMD PCNet Family Ethernet Adapter (PCI-ISA)
IRQ: 9
I/O : E800h - E81Fh
MEM: EE000000h-EE00001Fh

Windows TCP/IP settings

Subnet Mask:
Installed Gateways:
Host: xxxxx
Domain :

DNS Server SO

Domain Suffix SO

my linux kernel is 2.0.35

Does RH support AMD chipset ethernet cards? When I try to use the Kernel
Configurator in Xwindows it doesn't offer anything under the eth0 module
type list that looks like amd, or lance.

Thanks for any help in getting me on the net.


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