ATI Graphics Pro Turbo (PCI/2MB) and Plain Vanilla VGA

ATI Graphics Pro Turbo (PCI/2MB) and Plain Vanilla VGA

Post by Tom Remisosk » Sat, 27 May 1995 04:00:00


   I just received my ATI GPT the other day.  I am still using my ancient
fixed-frequency VGA monitor (Zenith ZCM-1492) until I can scrape up enough cash
to order a new one.  So right now, I would just like to run 640x480x256 color

   I installed the Mach64 patchlevel 2 X server and tried using the "640x480"
modeline supplied with  I fired it up and everything started ok
except the horizontal and vertical frame lengths seemed too large.  The
displayed picture ran over the top/bottom and left/right edge of the screen.  I
followed the instructions in the Hitchhiker's Guide and tried to shrink the
horizontal first.  I dropped the horizontal frame length by 8 and started X
again.  Blank screen.  So I restored the original value, and tried playing with
the vertical frame length.  Same result.

   Any ideas? Suggestions?

   I sure some of you will suggest a new monitor.  Any specific brands or
models that work well with the ATI GPT?


Zenith Data Systems


1. Problem: ATI Mach64 Graphics Turbo Pro 2Mb (PCI)


I don't have much success getting X running. I get a blank
screen when I start X.

Machine configuration:
1) ATI PCI Mach64 Graphics Turbo Pro with 2Mb RAM
2) Linux kernel version 1.2.1
3) XFree86 version 3.1.1

When I look at /proc/pci, this graphics adaptor is not there.
Running "dmesg" reports that "unknown PCI device". "scanpci"
reports that there is an ATI device.

Others say that it may due to the RAMDAC on the board. In DOS,
DAC type is set to "internal". I have no idea what kind RAMDAC
is on this particular adaptor.

I appreciate your help and advice. Thanks.

- Shiu K. Wong

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