Trident 9660

Trident 9660

Post by Greg Kis » Tue, 05 Jan 1999 04:00:00


I have recently installed RedHat 5.2 (xfree86 3.2.x) and am having some
trouble with my vid card, a Trident 9660 PCI. I am using this with a
Gateway Vivitron 1572 (Sony Trinitron I believe) 15" Multisync monitor.

Ok, so I was able to get X and KDE running fine. But when I am in 16 bit
mode things seem really slow -- especially redraw rates when I am moving
windows. If I move a window slowly the window actually flickers. It
seems as if acceleration isn't working right. Is this normal? Or is
there something I should be doing.

It would be great if soneone could send me or post a copy of their
XF86Config file with a Trident 9660 that works.

By the way, I am starting X with "startx -- -bpp 16". I am also
downloading xfree86 3.3.3 to see if that will make any difference.



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 Hello friends,
                   I installed slackware 3.0 with C.D supplied with IDH
series book.
 The title of the book is "linux secrets, written by Naba Barkakati.
  I am facing problem in installing with x-windows because there is no
with monitor and video card in available list.
1.  I have IBM G40, SVGA monitor . 1Mb video ,  1280 x 1024
     Horizontal freq. 30-38 kHz. Vertical freq. 50-90 Hz
2. Display Adapter,
                          Trident 9600/968 , linerar accelerated for PCI
                          Manufacturer: Trident micro-system
  I tried a lot but could not suceed, if any one guide me , I will be

  Wish you all the best.

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