HP-Vectra, Linux, XFree86 S3 -- configuration help?

HP-Vectra, Linux, XFree86 S3 -- configuration help?

Post by William Lindse » Thu, 23 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I am having difficulty configuring XFree86's XF86_S3 (3.1.2)
accelerated X-11 server to work with Linux on a Hewlett Packard
Vectra XP/60.

The Vectra XP/60 is a 60 mHz Pentium system with a PCI video adapter
built-in on the motherboard.  It appears to use an S3 86C928 P
graphics chip, a TI 3020 Ramdac, and an ics 9161a (idc2061a compatible)
clock chip. The video system is configured with 4 MB of memory.

The monitor is an HP Ultra VGA 1280, model #D2807A, and according to the
documentation supports 30-64 kHz horizontal and 50-160 Hz vertical

I have had some success with the mono and 16 color VGA X servers, but
so far, the S3 server fails to show anything on the screen (except
and apparently does not accept any keyboard events. I've tried the server
options "nolinear" and "nomemaccess" with no luck.  A telnet session
from another machine tells me that linux  hasn't hung, but "X" appears
to be consuming a large number of CPU cycles.

If anybody has:

a) succeeded in getting an HP Vectra XP/60 working with XFree86,  


b) seen similar symptoms and can suggest a solution,


c) can provide technical data on this video adapter,

I would really like to hear from you.

William Lindsey


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        Can anyone tell me anything about the on board graphics that come
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        I geussed at it and noe startx crashes the computer (reboots
itself) yuk.



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