X glitches - configuration problem

X glitches - configuration problem

Post by VS » Thu, 25 Jul 2002 22:21:34

I'm trying to set X up for a Debian 2.2.19, but I'm having weird glitches
in the display.

I'm trying to get a 1024x768, but the effective resolution looks like 640
by 480. All program windows are clipped in the topmost 32 pixel rows:
if I try to drag a window there, its upper edge vanishes and garbled bits
of the window appear elsewhere on the screen. I'm using the i810 onboard
adapter, and xf86config for the setup. I previously had Mandrake 8.1 with
X running fine on the same hardware, so the problem is in the setup
somewhere. Any suggestions on how to solve this?


1. Magic cookie glitch problems with curses

I am trying *desperately* to get these terminals working under XENIX
terminfo curses:
        Qume QVT101+, Wyse 30-50, etc.

The problem is, these terminals use up a space on the screen to switch
attributes (eg inverse video, and sometimes graphics characters).

From the docs on terminfo, I deduce that these are called "magic cookies".

But these cookies are driving me coo-coo  :-)

I have set up xmc#1, and to any other possible value, but everything seems
to get malaligned. Is there anything one can do about this, and does curses
do anything with the xmc info at all?

I have never done these things on UNIX, only XENIX.

Please mail replies, and I'll post a follow-up if there was enough interest.

Thanx, Hendrik Vermooten

Hendrik Vermooten, ZEUS software


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