rgb.txt replaced by Xcms.txt?

rgb.txt replaced by Xcms.txt?

Post by Paul Strave » Fri, 16 Feb 1996 04:00:00

It appears that /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt has been replaced by a file Xcms.txt in
the same directory. The slackware distribution that I got from the Info-Magic
CD-ROM (November 95) includes an Xcms.txt with only very few color names
defined. A few basic things like "blue" and "red" are there, but my all-time
favorits from rgb.txt e.g. "linen", "DarkGoldenrod", etc. are missing!

Does anybody know of a Xcms.txt that is backward-compatible with rgb.txt?

Paul Stravers
Philips Research.           Zap the Web at http://olt.et.tudelft.nl/~stravers/


1. Wanted: colors! (a real Xcms.txt would help...)

I just downloaded and installed the ELF XF86-3.1.1 package from
sunsite, but sadly, fvwm says that it can't parse any color names.
I discovered via strace that it's looking for these in


which exists, but is very short and contains this damning comment:

"This device-independent color name database is provided just as an example."

It's obviously just a toy and not the real one.  I could find no
documentation on how to create a real one, or any leads on where to
find one.

Any assistance is appreciated.  Until then, I'm doomed to live in a
black-and-white X11 universe. ;-)

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