looking simple database program.

looking simple database program.

Post by Tim Hillm » Sun, 28 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hi.  I am looking for a simple database program that has a list view like a spreadsheet
where you can see everything at once (kind of like the one in MS Works).
All I can seem to find are the high powered SQL database engines that are way overkill
for what I want to do.  I work in sales and I just need something to log phone calls
and keep track of quotes & stuff.  I can force a spreadsheet to give me the list view
that I want, but I really need the search capabilities of a database.

Has anyone seen something like this for Linux/X ?

Tim Hillman


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I have not done any X programming - but I now need to.  What I need is a
program that you would run and it would query the X server and return a list
of the names of the open windows (basically, what you get in the "Window
List" of any of the popular Window Managers.

Has anyone done such a thing?  Any sample code you care to share?

Note: The overall goal here is that I want to implement the following logic:

        Start this program (e.g., an xclock) only if it isn't already
        running on the server.

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